Two Trees Planned for Removal

by rogerharmer on October 16, 2014

Just a couple of trees planned for removal in the latest notification from Amey, both in the Hall Green end of the ward: 1) Opposite 522/524 Fox Hollies Road – reason given as ‘Structural Integrity’. 2) Outside 54 Edenbridge Road – reason given as ‘New Planting Failure’. If anyone is unhappy with these plans, please […]

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Acocks Green’s Claimant Unemployment level fell to 750 in September. The figure was down 26 on August and down by 282 on a year ago. The level of long term unemployed in the ward bucked the trend; rising by 2 to 300, though it is still well down on the year. Meanwhile, the level of […]

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Acocks Green Post Office Campaign gathers pace

by rogerharmer on October 11, 2014

It is clear that there are strong concerns, from across the community, about the proposals to relocate Acocks Green’s Post Office branch. I share these concerns and am supporting the developing campaign to stop the proposed move. Initially this has involved setting out the case in a joint letter of objection written by Acocks Green […]

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Tackling Hedges Overgrowing The Pavement

by rogerharmer on September 30, 2014

Hedges which grow to the point where they take up most of the width of the pavement (or less in the case of narrow sections of pavement) are annoying to pedestrians and potentially dangerous. Most obviously they cause a hazard for those with poor sight, but those with buggies or in wheelchairs can be forced […]

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Acocks Green Post Office Relocation Proposal

by rogerharmer on September 24, 2014

We’ve known for quite a while now that Post Office Limited have been looking to replace the ¬†Crown Post Office branch in Acocks Green with a branch based in a partner retailer. They now have definite plans which will shortly be consulted on. The staff were informed of these plans yesterday. Under their plans, Acocks […]

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Unemployment down to 776 in Acocks Green

by rogerharmer on September 21, 2014

The monthly unadjusted claimant unemployment level in Acocks Green fell by another 24, last month, to 776. This is a rate of 5.9% and represents a fall of 303 over the last year. The number of long term unemployed in the ward now stands at 298 (70 down on the year) and youth unemployment (18-24 […]

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Tackling uncut Basal Growth

by rogerharmer on September 14, 2014

For some odd reason Amey have failed to cut the basal growth of a number of trees this year. It seems to be the odd one here and there rather than every tree in a road but there are some particularly spectacular – and dangerous examples. Take a look at this one on Leysdown Road: […]

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Vacancy for a Visiting Warden at the Charles Lane Trust

by rogerharmer on September 13, 2014

There is a vacancy for a Visiting Warden at the Charles Lane Trust (of which I am a Trustee) in Hall Green. The Trust has 12 bungalows for the elderly located at the junction of Fox Hollies Road and School Road. The Visiting Warden needs to be able to work for 10 hours per week […]

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Wednesday’s Acocks Green Ward Committee meeting was a relatively well attended event, in part no doubt due to the agenda, but probably also in part due to it being held centrally, in the Library. New attendees included Mushtaq Hussain, who will be the Council’s new Service Lead for Yardley District and Mohammed Irfan who will […]

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Lidl’s Planning Application Cheque Bounces!

by rogerharmer on September 12, 2014

A quick update on the Lidl Planning Application 2014/04299/PA (I’ll write a fuller report on this weeks Acocks Green Ward Committee tomorrow). The application has been resubmitted but its exactly as before and previous comments will stand – see here (item 4). The reason for the resubmission is that the cheque Lidl gave when they […]

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