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Action on dumped waste behind Acocks Green Village shops

by Roger Harmer on 19 January, 2018

Residents living in the flats above a row of shops in Acocks Green Village are having to pick their way through piles of dumped rubbish to get to their homes.

Councillor Roger Harmer has called in the Council’s Waste Enforcement Team to take action. They have now issued a legal notice to get the waste behind 1136 Warwick Road cleared within 21 days. They have also sent letters to the owners of the other shops between 1136 and 1144 asking them to to clear their land or risk being issued with legal notices as well.

Roger commented: “The conditions residents have had to face are shocking. I’m glad the Council are finally taking action to sort it out. The owners of these shops have a responsibility to maintain the land to the rear in a decent condition and its time they took this responsibility seriously.”

If you know of a similar site like this in Acocks Green ward, please let us know and I will do my best to tackle it.

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