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Proposed Minor Highways Works for Acocks Green

by Roger Harmer on 26 September, 2015

I have received the following proposal of projects from the Council’s District Engineer for spending of the Acocks Green ward minor highways works budget. If you have any comments please let me know:

1. Roberts road near junction of Oxford road – Double kerbing to prevent parking on grass verge.
2. Bus cage markings on junction of Warwick Road Shirley Road – Bus interchange in Acocks Green Village.
3. Pemberley Road – Extending the ‘ambulance only’ bays and introducing 2 x additional Disabled bay markings.
4. Olton Boulevard East, between Hyron Hall Road and Dolphin Lane – Double kerbing to prevent parking on grass verge.



2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Need to do something about the parking on the grass verges on Olton Boulevard East between Shirley Road and Hyron Hall Road some nights it is full of cars also the verges along the road outside the houses are being destroyed

  2. Pamela Baly says:

    Dear Roger
    I wondered if you could help to get the bus shelter replaced on the Warwick Road opposite Aldi. If possible we would like one the same as the next one down the Warwick Road outside Tesco’ s, which has two long sides offering greater protection from the weather. If not then at least one the same as the one opposite us. Our shelter has been put in the opposite way round to how it was and offers no shelter from the inclement weather and it now has only half the side panels of other shelters and half the seats. This is not satisfactory and I know from talking to other bus users, some people have already complained to the bus company, but nothing has been done. As someone so uses this shelter often, I have been waiting in the cold, wind and rain and know the shelter does not offer any shelter. I am dreading the colder Winter months. Please could you help in getting the shelter replaced.
    Thank you,
    Pamela Baly

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