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Trees for the Chop

by Roger Harmer on 15 November, 2017

Amey have published a new list of trees to be cut down across Acocks Green in the next few weeks. The reason for each case is given below. If you think they have got any of them wrong, please let me know as soon as possible:

Outside 285 Olton Boulevard East – Dead tree
Outside 289 Olton Boulevard East – Dead tree
Opposite 34 Hartfield Crescent – New planting vandalised
Outside 76/78 Hazelwood Road – Structural Integrity
Outside 34a Malvern Road – Dead tree
Outside 45/47 Oxford Road – Malicious damage
Opposite 918/910 Warwick Road – New planting failure
Opposite 918 Warwick Road – Senescent
Outside 920 Warwick Road – New planting failure
Outside 19 Eastcote Road – Damage to structures
Opposite 112/114 Greenwood Avenue – Decay
Outside 75/77 Severne Road – Decay

Structural integrity means the tree is at risk of falling
Senescent means the tree has reached the end of its life

Every tree removed should be replaced, ideally near to the one removed but if this is not possible, then elsewhere in Acocks Green. We have had to challenge Amey about where they have relocated some trees, so if you are concerned about where a particular tree will be replanted, please get in touch.

Trees are planted when they are dormant during the winter, but Amey say its too late to order new trees for this winter so these trees will be replaced next winter.

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