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Proposals to improve the Stockfield Road published – Consultation Event Tuesday 1st September at Fox Hollies Leisure Centre.

by Roger Harmer on 12 August, 2015

Consultation is currently being held on proposals to improve the Stockfield Road from (and including) its junction with the Warwick Road to its junction with Mansfield Road. These proposals would be funded by two different schemes. The first is a Local Safety Scheme (LSS) for the Warwick Road / Stockfield Road junction. The second is the Green Travel District cycling and pedestrian scheme, covering the Stockfield Road between the Warwick Road and Mansfield Road.

The Local Safety Scheme proposals are:

(1)     Traffic signalisation of the Warwick Road/Stockfield Road junction. New signals to be co-ordinated with those at the Warwick Road/Fox Hollies Road junction, so that junction capacity, performance and safety requirements are met.

(2)     Removal of existing pedestrian crossing on Stockfield Road near Arden Road.  The LSS proposal introduces new signal controlled pedestrian crossing facilities on Stockfield Road at the junction with Warwick Road, so the existing crossing further down, is no longer required. The signalised pedestrian crossing on the Warwick Road (City Side) is retained within the new layout.

(3)     Traffic signals, associated road markings, road signage and other street furniture at the junction and on its approaches, as necessary to support the LSS scheme introduction.

The Green Travel District project proposals are:

(1)     Cycle lanes on Stockfield Road, in both directions, between the junctions with Mansfield Road and Warwick Road.

(2)     Stockfield Road to change from a dual carriageway to a single lane carriageway EXCEPT on the approach to the Warwick Road. The proposal improves road safety, and enables re-allocation of road-space for cycle lanes and frontage parking bays. Minor modifications to some junctions and along the central reservations, re-designed bus stop facilities will be included. The scheme comprises an integrated package of measures to improve safety and provide improved measures for cyclists and pedestrians.

(3)     Closure of the central reservation turning gap on Stockfield Road at Rushey Lane EXCEPT for cyclists. The proposal also eliminates the potential for turning vehicle accidents. (Nearby existing central reservation gaps to be used as alternative turning points for motorised vehicles)

(4)     Improvements to the layout of the Stockfield Road junctions with Amington Road and Mansfield Road. The revised layout improves turning safety and reduces junction accident potential. The layout provides defined parking bays for frontages, facilities for cyclists – included a dedicated cyclist crossing point which links cyclist movements on Stockfield Road and Amington Road.

(5)     A crossing point for cyclists and pedestrians on Stockfield Road near the Douglas Road junction to provide greater connectivity and ease of movements between areas either side of Stockfield Road.

The Green Travel District proposals are intended to promote better walking and cycling links along the Stockfield Road corridor.

The full scheme consultation has begun this week and ends on  September 8th 2015. I’d be very interested to hear any comments you have on these proposals. There is a public consultation event on Tuesday 1st September (from 9am to 7.30pm) at Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, when BCC officers will be on hand to discuss the scheme proposals, answer questions, and take feedback. At this event scheme the full proposals plans will be on display.

Subject to feedback from the consultation, scheme implementation will happen in phases, delivery of the first phase is currently anticipated during Spring-Summer 2016.


4 Responses

  1. Mr & Mrs R Sutheran says:

    Can you tell us what will happen to our service Road in this scheme. It is already used as a high speed cut through. We can envisage a lot more traffic using this small road and a recipe for accidents.

  2. Roger Harmer says:

    Your service road will remain as it is, as I understand the scheme. Theoretically the addition of traffic lights should improve the flow of traffic through the main junction (as long as they are phased with the lights at the top of Fox Hollies Road, which we are told they will be) and to that extent this will reduce the pressure to rat run past your home. But I don’t for a minute think it will stop it.

  3. MISS. E. MURPHY says:

    I would like to put a complaint in about the new traffic lights which has installed on the Warwick Road/Stockfield Road over the summer period this year.

    Ever since the lights have been installed the sheer volume of traffic on the Warwick Road, Fox Hollies Road and Stockfield Road has dramatically increased for the worse.

    When these lights were installed traffic flow was clearly not considered, my travelling time has now double in time since these light were installed due to the sheer volume of traffic and being stuck in very long traffic queues and also being forced to find new routes.

    Another issue is currently there has been temporary lights there – how come when the lights were installed last month they have now failed, again something is not working properly with the these lights.

    Can you please re-address the situation – maybe event think about removing them to improve the flow of traffic.

    • Roger Harmer says:

      Dear Esther

      There has been a major problem with the new lights caused by first a power failure a couple of weeks ago and then, when the power was reconnected, the traffic light cables were badly damaged and must be replaced. Its had a huge impact as the temporary lights can’t be correctly timed with the lights at the Fox Hollies Rd / Warwick Rd junction. We have had the phasing adjusted which has helped a little but until the new lights are reconnected it will cause ongoing delays. The repair should be completed at the end of the week. Then we can see how the lights work and ask for adjustments if necessary.

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