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Crime and Unemployment – July15 Update

by Roger Harmer on 25 July, 2015

Claimant unemployment fell 28 to 641 (4.9%) in Acocks Green ward last month. Long term (over a year) claimant numbers were static at 230 while the level of youth (18-24) claimants fell by 10 to 105. Across Birmingham as a whole, seasonally adjusted claimant unemployment fell by 445 to 29,404 (5.9%), while nationally it rose 12,380 to 804,173 (2.5%). Despite this relative improvement, Birmingham’s unemployment remains the highest of all the large UK cities.

Meanwhile crime in Acocks Green ward has fallen by 6.3% year to date, which represents 38 fewer offences. There is a particular focus on tackling the illegal and anti social use of motorbikes in the ward – Fox Hollies Park and its surrounds are one problem area – with 6 bikes having been seized and crushed in recent weeks for being used without valid insurance.

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