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Crime falls in Acocks Green

by Roger Harmer on 24 June, 2015

Yesterday I attended the monthly Acocks Green police tasking meeting. As usual we were given un update on the crime figures at the start.

The good news is that there has been a further slight fall in total recorded crime across Acocks Green ward so far this year. There have been 2 fewer crimes, which represents a fall of 0.5%. Within this overall figure there are some bigger movements:

Burglary down 21%

Robbery static

Vehicle crime static

Business crime up 21%

Drug crime down 6%

The old police residents meetings have now ended with the police attending the regular Neighbourhood Forum meetings (both the Acocks Green and Fox Hollies Green Neighbourhood Forums) instead. This leaves a gap for the Yarnfield Estate, which does not currently have a Neighbourhood Forum. Until there is I believe the Yarnfield meetings should continue.

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