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Unemployment Falls Again

by Roger Harmer on 12 December, 2012

Unemployment fell again last month both nationally and locally.

The national headlines are:

* Unemployment down 82,000 from August to October – a fall from 8% to 7.8%
* Employment rose by 40,000 to 29.6m (a record) in the same three months, with the number in full time employment rising 44,000 and the number in part-time employment falling 4,000
* The number of 16-24 year olds (not in full time education) fell by 90,000 to 626,000 (the lowest since the end of 2008)
* The monthly JSA total fell 3,000 in November to 1.58m

In Acocks Green unadjusted unemployment fell by 5 in November to 1,169 (or 10.4%), which is 46 down on a year ago. In Birmingham seasonally adjusted unemployment fell to 49,055 or 10.6%.

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