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Acocks Green Library Repairs Update

by Roger Harmer on 10 December, 2012

The delayed repairs to the roof of Acocks Green Library, are now scheduled to get underway early in the New Year. The Library is planned to close after 31st December 2012, with the building handed over to the contractors on 7th January. If the work goes to plan, it will reopen in early April 2013. (Update 1/1/13 – the work had been delayed again – when a new start date is available I will post again – however Cllr Bowen’s advice bureau will still move the the Scout Hut from now until the work is completed).

While Acocks Green Library is closed, South Yardley Library will operate with extended opening hours as follows:

Monday: 9am – 7pm (extended hours)
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 5pm (new)
Thursday: 9am – 7pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm

These are sensible arrangements, which mirror those made when South Yardley Library itself was closed for repairs a few years ago and Acocks Green Library had its hours extended. They make a mockery of one of Cllr O’Shea’s more political of blog postings in which he strongly criticised the previous administration for failing to make any provision for South Yardley Library users, during its closure, other than extended opening hours at Acocks Green Library. Labour, he said, were ‘determined to be different’. Delivery, as he is finding out, can sometimes be harder than having a go at your political opponents.

Residents will be pleased to hear that during the period of closure, Councillor Bowen’s Advice Bureau will remain open and will stay in Acocks Green ward, moving to the Scout Hut off Spring Road, behind Scanlon’s. Times will be as normal i.e. every Monday evening from 7-8pm, except bank holidays.

For those who borrow books from Acocks Green Library, its worth noting that the plans for the period of closure also include instructing the Central Library ICT Team that books taken out from Acocks Green Library will need to have a deferred return date. This will avoid customers receiving letters concerning fines which they would normally receive if books are not returned by a due date. All books on loan from Acocks Green Library will be returnable to any Library, however, if a user waits for the reopening of Acocks Green Library no fines will be incurred.


4 Responses

  1. Frances Mannion says:

    Fairly certain the roof repairs are again on hold and Acocks Green library remains open in New Year for now (?).

  2. rogerharmer says:

    Frances, yes that’s right – we are awaiting an update, but for now the work is on hold.

  3. Frances Mannion says:

    Hallo Roger, believe its rescheduled now to Feb 23rd. The library at Swann Corner Yardley is going to stay open to 7pm Mon & Thurs and open 9-5 Weds too. Acocks Green & Yardley branches, like all the local library staff, very much make this a community worth living in. Thank you.

  4. rogerharmer says:

    Hi Frances, Many thanks for the update. Great that the work is finally going ahead.

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