Roger Harmer

Liberal Democrat Councillor working for Acocks Green

Unemployment Update

January’s figures show seasonally adjusted unemployment continuing its fall nationally, regionally and in Birmingham. Nationally the seasonally adjusted Unemployment Benefit Count fell by 12,500 to 1,540,900, it fell by 1,500 in the West Midlands to 158,900 and by 321 to 48,213 in Birmingham. The unadjusted figures rose as they usually do in January. Birmingham’s unadjusted figure was up 676, with Acocks Green’s unadjusted figure up 31 to 1,204. This is, however, down 63 on the same month a year ago. The Acocks Green figure includes 376 who have been unemployed for over a year and 316 18-24 year olds. Both these numbers are currently falling.

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