Roger Harmer

Liberal Democrat Councillor working for Acocks Green

The Green Deal comes to Acocks Green

The Green Deal is a major Government initiative designed to tackle climate change by making it much easier for people to deal with the cost of making their homes much more energy efficient. It does this by meeting the up front cost of the work and allowing people to repay the investment using the resulting savings in their energy bills. The scheme is designed to ensure that the repayments cannot exceed the savings. In other words you can get your home made greener and warmer without needing any capital and without any extra monthly costs.

The Green Deal starts soon and in Birmingham the pathfinder project, which aims to refurbish at least 15,000 properties, is currently out to tender. Once it starts it will not only deliver energy savings, reductions in C02 emissions, but also many jobs and training opportunities for those carrying out the work.

Carillion Energy Services are one of the two remaining bidders and are carrying out some early work in Acocks Green. This includes offering free energy assessments to residents. If you are interested you can contact me and I will put you in touch with them.

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