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Crime Falls Further in Acocks Green

by Roger Harmer on December 12, 2011

I’m just back from another Police meeting with the community in Acocks Green this evening and its great to report that the news is good, with further substantial falls in crime across Acocks Green ward. The lastest data comparing 2011 with 2010 shows the following falls:

  • Burglary down 28%
  • Robbery down 32%
  • Vehicle Crime down 15%
  • Total Recorded Crime down 22%

 – and so far December has started with even bigger falls.

I’m a big fan of community policing and we have really high quality community policing in Acocks Green. Our Sergeant, Dave Mirams will be moving on to new duties in January, to be replaced by Sgt Matt Fellows. Dave has done a fantastic job in the past few years, as the crime figures demonstrate, and I wish him all the best for the future. Apart from Dave the rest of the local team will stay the same – and not be subject to any cuts in manpower – so I’m sure Matt will soon settle in to the role. 

While the news is good, the advice from the Police is to be particularly careful at this time of year especially in two respects:

  1. Be discreet with Christmas presents – after they have been opened don’t leave empty boxes outside with the rubbish, advertising what you have bought – break the boxes up and put them in your recycling bins, bit by bit if you have to. Similarly try to avoid having all your presents on display to anyone passing by before Christmas Day – ideally keep them hidden away until putting them under the tree at the last minute
  2. Do not leave your car running on your drive or on the street in the morning to warm up while you finish getting ready for the day. Thieves are on the look out for this being done on frosty mornings and can be into your car and away in seconds, when its made that easy for them. What adds to the pain, if it happens to you, is that your insurance will not pay out, as leaving the keys in and the car unlocked, understandably counts as a failure to take reasonable precautions against theft. 
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